Reds Garden Center

Delivery & Planting

If your trunk isn't large enough to hold all your plant purchases, Reds can arrange to deliver them to your doorstep via our own fleet of trucks. Our delivery area normally extends to the Wisconsin border on the north, into Chicago on the south, and as far west as Algonquin.

Why plant it yourself when it's so easy to have Reds do it for you! We offer full planting services for all plants purchased at the nursery. Items planted by us receive soil amendment with peat moss and a liquid starter fertilizer.

Delivery and planting charges are assessed on a per order basis and can be discussed and estimated at the time of purchase.

Our Guarantee

Our confidence in our nursery stock is backed by our guarantees. Provided the buyer has provided a reasonable standard of care and maintenance, any plant that we install carries a one year, 100% guarantee; items planted by the purchaser carry a one year, 50% guarantee.

Plants will be replaced once, whether installed by the nursery or the purchaser. Plants eligible for replacement should be returned to the nursery so that the cause of the problem may be determined. Receipts must accompany all returns.

While the health and well-being of all our plants is guaranteed at the time of purchase, the above guarantees do not apply to perennial and annual plants.