Deciduous shrubs, those that lose their leaves in fall, give seasonal color and texture to the landscape. Flower and fruit displays, interesting foliage shapes and colors, and even bark color and texture add outdoor interest. Shrubs don't just have pretty faces, they can serve a definite purpose as border plants, accent plants with seasonal color, wildlife habitats, or as screening against an undesirable view or for privacy.

The right shrubs can bring a sense of completion to your landscape design, but determining which shrubs to choose can be a difficult decision. The University of Illinois Extension has created a Web site titled "Selecting Shrubs for Your Home" where homeowners can search the U of I shrub database by size, light exposure, use, and tolerance of various conditions and learn more about the particular shrubs that meet the entered criteria. But the best way to make wise choices is to check with the garden professionals at Reds. We'll help you select the best shrubs for your purpose and design, resulting in a garden that is both aesthetic and functional.

Annabelle Hydrangea

Annabelle Hydrangea

Plant List

Below you will find the genus of shrubs we commonly carry listed A - Z by Latin name; click the name of each shrub for a listing of varieties within each genus. While these plants will all be available at some point, we cannot guarantee that they will be in stock on any given day. So if you're looking for something specific, please call ahead or email us for current availability. We're here to help!

Aesculus - Buckeye +

Bottlebrush Buckeye

Aronia - Chokeberry +

Autumn Magic Black Chokeberry
Black Chokeberry
Red Chokeberry
Black Viking Chokeberry

Berberis - Barberry +

Admiration Barberry
Bonanza Gold Barberry
Crimson Pygmy Barberry
Gold Pillar Barberry
Golden Nugget Barberry
Golden Tuby Barberry
Midnight Ruby Barberry
Orange Rocket Japanese Barberry
Redleaf Japanese Barberry
Rose Glow Japanese Barberry
Sunjoy Citrus Japanese Barberry
Royal Burgundy Japanese Barberry

Buddlia - Butterfly Bush +

Adonis Blue Butterfly Bush
Black Knight Butterfly Bush
Blue Chip Butterfly Bush
Ice Chip Butterfly Bush
Miss Molly Butterfly Bush
Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush
Miss Violet Butterfly Bush
Pink Micro Chip Butterfly Bush
Peacock Butterfly Bush
Purple Haze Lo & Behold Butterfly Bush

Calicanthus - Aphrodite +

Aphrodite Sweetshrub

Caryopteris - Bluebeard +

Blue Mist Bluebeard
Dark Knight Bluebeard
Sapphire Surf Bluebeard

Cephalanthus - Button Bush +

Button Bush

Chaenomeles - Quince +

Orange Storm Double Take Quince
Pink Storm Double Take Quince
Scarlet Storm Double Take Quince

Clethera - Summersweet +

Hummingbird Summersweet
Pink Spires Summersweet
Ruby Spice Summersweet
Sixteen Candles Summersweet
Vanilla Spice Summersweet

Cornus - Dogwood +

Arctic Fire Dogwood
Alleman's Dwarf Dogwood
Cardinal Red Twig Dogwood
Compact Red Twig Dogwood
Grey Dogwood
Hedgerows Gold Red Twig Dogwood
Isanti Dogwood
Ivory Halo Variegated Dogwood
Red Twig Dogwood
Varigated Dogwood
Yellow Twig Dogwood

Cotinus - Smokebush +

Common Purple Smokebush
Grace Smokebush
Royal Purple & Velvet Cloak Smokebush

Cotoneaster +

Cranberry Cotoneaster
Hedge Cotoneaster
Hessei Cotoneaster

Diervilla - Honeysuckle +

Bush Honeysuckle

Duetzia +

Chardonnay Pearls Duetzia
Cherry Blossom Duetzia
Nikko Slender Duetzia
Slendar Duetzia
Yuki Snowflake

Euonymus - Burning Bush +

Dwarf Burning Bush
Fireball Dwarf Burning Bush
Rudy Haag Dwarf Burning Bush
Winged Burning Bush

Forsythia +

Bronxensis Dwarf Forsythia
Meadowlark Forsythia
Show Off Forsythia
Starlet Show OffForsythia
Sugar Baby Forsythia

Fothergilla +

Dwarf Fothergilla
Mt. Airy Dwarf Fothergilla

Hibiscus - Rose of Sharon +

Blueberry Smoothie Rose of Sharon
Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon
Blue Satin Rose of Sharon
Blushing Bride Rose of Sharon
Danica Rose of Sharon
Double Pink Rose of Sharon
Double Purple Rose of Sharon
Double Red Rose of Sharon
Lavendar Chiffon Rose of Sharon
Lil Kim Rose of Sharon
Peppermint Smoothie Rose of Sharon
Raspberry Smoothie Rose of Sharon
Rose Satin Rose of Sharon
Strawberry Smoothie Rose of Sharon
Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon
Violet Satin Rose of Sharon
Woodbridge Rose of Sharon

Hydrangea +

Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea
Annabelle Hydrangea
Big Daddy Hydrangea
Big Easy Hydrangea
Bluebird Hydrangea
Bluebird Lacecap Hydrangea
Blue Jangles Hydrangea
Bloomstruck Hydrangea
Blue Enchantress Hydrangea
Blushing Bride E.S. Hydrangea
Bobo Hydrangea
City Line Paris Hydrangea
City Line Rio Hydrangea
Endless Summer Hydrangea
Fire Light Hydrangea
Glowing Embers Hydrangea
Incrediball Hydrangea
Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea
Jetstream Oakleaf Hydrangea
Lemon Daddy Hydrangea
Limelight Hydrangea
Little Lime Hydrangea
Little Quickfire Hydrangea
Moonlight Hydrangea
Mystical Flame Hydrangea
Nantucket Blue Hydrangea
Pink Diamond Hydrangea
Pink n' Pretty Hydrangea
Pinky Winky Panicle Hydrangea
Quickfire Hydrangea
Red n' Pretty Hydrangea
Rhythmic Blue Hydrangea
Royal Star Phantom Hydrangea
Ruby Slippesr Hydrangea
Snowqueen Oakleaf Hydrangea
Starlight Hydrangea
Strawberry Sundae Hydrangea
Sykes Dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea
Tardiva Hydrangea
Tickled Pink Hydrangea
Tiny Tuff Stuff Hydrangea
Tuff Stuff Hydrangea
Twist & Shout Hydrangea
Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea
Woodlander Hydrangea
Zinfin Doll Hydrangea

Hypericum - St Johnswort +

Ames St. Johnswort
Blue Velvet St. Johnswort
Mystical Red St. Johnswort
Sunburst St. Johnswort

IItea - Sweetspire +

Henry's Garnet Virginia Sweetspire
Little Henry Dwarf Sweetspire
Short N Sweet Sweetspire

Kerria - Golden Guinea +

Golden Guinea Japanese Kerria
Japanese Kerria

Ligustrum - Privet +

Cheyenne Privet
Golden Vicary Privet

Lonicera - Honeysuckle +

Arnold Red Honeysuckle

Philadelphus - Mockorange +

Minnesota Snowflake Mockorange
Sweet Mockorange

Physocarpus - Ninebark +

Amber Jubilee Ninebark
Center Glow Ninebark
Coppertina Ninebark
Diablo Ninebark
Little Devil Ninebark
Summer Wine Ninebark
Tiny Wine Ninebark

Potentilla +

Goldfinger Potentilla
McKay's White Potentilla
Pink Beauty Potentilla

Prunus - Plum +

Purple Leaf Plum

Rhus - Sumac +

Gro-Low Fragrant Sumac
Tiger Eyes Sumac

Ribes - Currant +

Alpine & Green Jeans Currant
Green Mound Currant

Salix - Willow +

Flamingo Dappled Willow
Hakuro Nishiki Willow
Pussy Willow

Sambucus - Elderberry +

Black Beauty Elderberry
Black Lace Elderberry
Lemony Lace Elderberry
Sutherland Gold

Sorbaria - False Spirea +

Sem False Spirea

Spirea - Spirea +

Anthony Waterer Spirea
Birchleaf Spirea
Double Play Artist Spirea
Double Play Big Bang Spirea
Double Play Gold Spirea
Frobel Spirea
Goldflame Spirea
Goldmound Spirea
Grefsheim Spirea
Little Princess Spirea
Magic Carpet Spirea
Shirobana Spirea
Snowmound Spirea
Van Houte Spirea

Stephanandra +

Cutleaf Stephanandra

Symphoricarpos +

Hancock Snowberry
Magical Joy Snowberry

Syringa - Lilac +

Chinese Lilac
Common Purple Lilac
Common White Lilac
Dark Purple/PinkPerfune Bloomerang
Dwarf Korean Lilac
Madam Lemoine Lilac
Miss Kim Lilac
Monge Lilac
Pride of Moscow Lilac
Scent and Sensibility Lilac

Viburnum +

Alfredo Compact Viburnum
Autumn Jazz Viburnum
Blackhaw Viburnum
Blue Muffin Viburnum
Burkwood Viburnum
Carlcephalum Fragrant Viburnum
Cayuga KoreanSpice Viburnum
Chicago Lustre Viburnum
Compace KoreanSpice Viburnum
Dwarf European Cranberry Viburnum
Judd Viburnum
KoreanSpice Viburnum
Mariesii Doublefile Viburnum
Mohican Viburnum
Northern Burgundy Dentatum Viburnum
Snowball Viburnum
Summer Snowflake Doublefile Viburnum
Watanabei Doublefile Viburnum
Wentworth American Cranberry Viburnum
Willowwood Viburnum
Witherod Viburnum

Weigela +

Dark Horse Weigela
Ghost Veigela
Midnight Wine Weigela
Minuet Weigela
My Monet Weigela
My Monet Sunset Weigela
Pink Sonic Bloom Weigela
Rainbow Sensation Weigela
Red Prince Weigela
Red Sonic Boom Weigela
Shining Sensation Weigela
Spilled Wine Weigela
Tuxedo Weigela
Wine and Roses Weigela

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