Double Red Knockout Rose

Double Red Knockout Rose

The rose is the "Queen of the Garden," and today's new hybrids make roses easier than ever to grow. If you've been hesitant about adding roses to your garden because of the care required, you'll appreciate the winter hardiness and disease resistance of the newer species. No matter how small your garden is, there's always room for a rosebush.

Create vertical interest with fragrant Climbing Roses, or accent sunny garden corners and borders with Miniature Roses. From low-growing groundcovers to hedge-type plants, Shrub Roses offer low-maintenance, long-lasting beauty in a variety of landscape settings. Patio Tree Roses are great for apartment balconies and tabletops.

The University of Illinois Extension has created a Web site titled "Our Rose Garden" where homeowners can learn about the various types of roses and their maintenance requirements. But the best way to make wise choices is to check with the garden professionals at Reds. We'll help you select the best roses for your purpose and design, resulting in a garden that is both aesthetic and functional.

Our Plant List includes the types of roses we commonly carry. Click the name of each plant for a listing of varieties within each genus. While these plants will all be available at some point, we cannot guarantee that they will be in stock on any given day. So if you're looking for something specific, please call ahead or email us for current availability. We're here to help!

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